Yesterdays Talk on the Dutch Birding-vogeldag 2015

Yesterday I gave a talk about my upcoming Biggest Year at the Dutch Birding Association Day (Dutch Birding Vogeldag).

I explained my motivation and elaborated on my more-or-less definitive route, my strategy, my planning so far and my goals for 2016. I told the spectators a little something about my predecessors (Allan Davies and Ruth Miller and of course Noah Strycker)and the carbon offset program I will follow.

Most importantly I presented the grand idea behind the whole adventure: the fundraiser for Birdlife’s Preventing Extinction Program!


The Dutch Birding members were very enthusiastic and some of them immediately came up with some fantastic ideas that I will definitely look into. Thanks a lot guys, I look forward to traveling with some of you in 2016!


I want to thank the organization for presenting this great opportunity for me, I am touched by the fact that the Dutch Birding community got my back on this! And thank you guys for the awesome new book ‘Undiscovered Owls’, by Magnus Robb and the Sound Approach.


Furthermore I want to thank Dick Forsman and Magnus Robb that for their fascinating talks. They take birding and bird identification and taxonomy in particular, to a whole other level.

Unfortunately I had to leave early, so I missed the last 3 talks of the day…


This week my site will see some updates and everything I presented during my talk will be included under my page ‘The Biggest Year’. On this page the logo’s of Birdlife International, Vogelbescherming Nederland and the carbon offset program ‘Trees for All’ will prominently figure.


Happy Birding!

Arjan Dwarshuis
Arjan Dwarshuis