The Biggest Year – The official first half year itinerary…

All right…. Many people asked me to give an update regarding my Biggest Year Itinerary, especially on Bird Forum…

So here is my first half year itinerary!


I’ll keep my Australia/Papua/NZ itinerary and my second half year a secret for now… However I can give a hint: I have included 21 countries in my second half year… 17 of these countries are in the Americas and 4 countries in 5 days time will be spend in Europe!


For your info my good friend and fanatic birder Max van Waasdijk will be traveling with me until my final day in Papua.



1-Jan-16 Netherlands Big Day Delta (Rinse vd Vliet and Vincent vd Spek)
2-Jan-16 Emirates  Birding around Dubai/Abu Dhabi (Mike Barth/Tommy Pedersen)
3-Jan-16 Emirates  Birding around Dubai/Abu Dhabi (Mike Barth/Tommy Pedersen)
4-Jan-16 Sri Lanka  Full on endemic/specialties/migrant round trip with Jetwing travels
5-Jan-16 Sri Lanka  Full on endemic/specialties/migrant round trip with Jetwing travels
6-Jan-16 Sri Lanka  Full on endemic/specialties/migrant round trip with Jetwing travels
7-Jan-16 Sri Lanka  Full on endemic/specialties/migrant round trip with Jetwing travels
8-Jan-16 Sri Lanka  Full on endemic/specialties/migrant round trip with Jetwing travels
9-Jan-16 India-Delhi  Sultanpur (with Vikram Singh) and Sander Smit
10-Jan-16 India-Delhi  Pangot (with Vikram Singh)
11-Jan-16 India-Delhi  Corbett (with Vikram Singh)
12-Jan-16 India-Delhi  Corbett (with Vikram Singh)
13-Jan-16 India-Delhi  Chambal (with Vikram Singh)
14-Jan-16 India-Delhi  Keoladeo (with Vikram Singh)
15-Jan-16 India-Delhi Arrive Guwahati and Drive to Nameri Eco Camp
16-Jan-16 India-Northeast  AM birding at Nameri National Park and drive to Lama Camp
Eaglesnest (with Peter Lobo) and Sander Smit/Arnoud Postema)
17-Jan-16 India-Northeast  Am and PM birding at Lama Camp and drive to Bonpu camp for
overnight stay
18-Jan-16 India-Northeast  Bonpu Camp and surrounding
19-Jan-16 India-Northeast  Bonpu Camp and surrounding
20-Jan-16 India-Northeast  Bonpu Camp to Dirang
21-Jan-16 India-Northeast  Dirang Sela Pass- Dirang
22-Jan-16 India-Northeast  Dirang to kaziranga
23-Jan-16 India-Northeast  kaziranga
24-Jan-16 India-Northeast  Morning safari Kaziranga and drive to Upper Assam- Tinsukhia
25-Jan-16 India-Northeast  Mishmin hills
26-Jan-16 India-Northeast  Mishmin
27-Jan-16 India-Northeast Mishmin
28-Jan-16 India-Northeast  Mishmi Hills to Tinsukhia
29-Jan-16 India-Northeast  Dibru- Saikhowa National Park
30-Jan-16 India-Northeast  Digboi oilfields and Depart to Dibrugarh Airport for onwards flight
31-Jan-16 Thailand Laem Bak/Pak Thale – Kaeng Krachan (organized by Brian Hewitt
1-Feb-16 Thailand Kaeng Krachan -> flight Chiang Mai
2-Feb-16 Thailand Doi Lang
3-Feb-16 Thailand Doi Lang
4-Feb-16 Thailand Doi Lang–> morning fields -> flight Bangkok
5-Feb-16 Thailand Kao Yai
6-Feb-16 Thailand Kao Yai
7-Feb-16 Thailand Morning Kao Yai–>Bankok–>Malaysia
8-Feb-16 West-Malaysia  To Fraser’s Hill (With Sander Bot and Jelmer Poelstra)
9-Feb-16 West-Malaysia  Fraser’s Hill to the Gap to Taman Negara (Merapoh)
10-Feb-16 West-Malaysia  Taman Negara (Merapoh)
11-Feb-16 West-Malaysia  Taman Negara (Kuala Tahan)
12-Feb-16 West-Malaysia  Taman Negara (Kuala Tahan)
13-Feb-16 East-Malaysia  Rafflesia Centre – Mt. Kinabalu (with Sander Bot and Jelmer Poelstra)
14-Feb-16 East-Malaysia  Mt. Kinabalu
15-Feb-16 East-Malaysia  Mt. Kinabalu to Kinabantangan
16-Feb-16 East-Malaysia  Kinabatangan
17-Feb-16 East-Malaysia  Kinabatangan – Comantong-Danum
18-Feb-16 East-Malaysia  Danum
19-Feb-16 East-Malaysia  Danum
20-Feb-16 East-Malaysia  Danum – Sandakan – Davao
21-Feb-16 Mindanao  Eden/Compostella valey (itinerary by Peter Simpson)
22-Feb-16 Mindanao  Eden/Compostella valey (itinerary by Peter Simpson)
23-Feb-16 Mindanao  PICOP with Zardo Goring
24-Feb-16 Mindanao  Picop
25-Feb-16 Luzon  Subic Bay with Bram Demeulemeester
26-Feb-16 Luzon  Subic Bay
27-Feb-16 Luzion  La mesa
28-Feb-16 Palawan  With Rommel Cruz
29-Feb-16 Palawan  With Rommel Cruz
1-Mar-16 Palawan  With Rommel Cruz
2-Mar-16 Java  Jakarta Bay – Mt. Gede (with Khaleb Jordan)
3-Mar-16 Java  Mt. Gede
4-Mar-16 Java  Mt. Gede
5-Mar-16 Sulawesi  Paneki forest – Lore Lindu (with Nurlin Djuni of Malia Tours)
6-Mar-16 Sulawesi  Lore Lindu
7-Mar-16 Sulawesi  Lore Lindu – Paneki -Makassar
8-Mar-16 Sulawesi  Makassar
9-Mar-16 Sulawesi  Makassar-Jakarta –Port Moresby
10-Mar-16 Papua
11-Mar-16 Papua
12-Mar-16 Papua
13-Mar-16 Papua
14-Mar-16 Papua
15-Mar-16 Papua
16-Mar-16 Papua
17-Mar-16 Papua
18-Mar-16 Papua
19-Mar-16 Papua
20-Mar-16 Australia
21-Mar-16 Australia
22-Mar-16 Australia
23-Mar-16 Australia
24-Mar-16 Australia
25-Mar-16 Australia
26-Mar-16 Australia
27-Mar-16 Australia
28-Mar-16 New Zealand
29-Mar-16 New Zealand
30-Mar-16 Australia
31-Mar-16 Australia
1-Apr-16 Netherlands Birding The Hague dunes
2-Apr-16 Netherlands Ardennen big day à Paris à ovda
3-Apr-16 Israel Eilat big day with Gert Ottens
4-Apr-16 Israel Eilat big day with Gert Ottens
5-Apr-16 Ethiopia Eilat-Tel aviv -flight to Ethiopia
6-Apr-16 Ethiopia Sululta Plain, Portuguese Bridge and Debre Libanos (with birding Abyssinia, Merid N. Gabremichael)
7-Apr-16 Ethiopia Portuguese Bridge to Jemmu Valley
8-Apr-16 Ethiopia Jemmu Valley to Addis
9-Apr-16 Ethiopia Addis to Lake Awassa
10-Apr-16 Ethiopia Lake Awassa to Wondo Genet
11-Apr-16 Ethiopia Wondo Gent to Bale
12-Apr-16 Ethiopia Bale
13-Apr-16 Ethiopia Full day drive back to Addis and flight to Kenya
14-Apr-16 Kenya Drive to Mt Kenya and Mt. Kenya NP (with Jseph Aengwo, Zareck Cockar and Ethan Kistler)
15-Apr-16 Kenya Drive to Shaba and Shaba/Smaburu NR
16-Apr-16 Kenya Shaba/Samburu NR
17-Apr-16 Kenya Drive to Lake Nakuru NP
18-Apr-16 Kenya Lake Nakuru NP
19-Apr-16 Kenya Drive to Lake Baringo an Lake Baringo
20-Apr-16 Kenya Lake Baringo to Kakamega
21-Apr-16 Kenya Drive to the Maasai Mara
22-Apr-16 Kenya Maasai Mara
23-Apr-16 Kenya Drive to Nairobi, Gatamaiyu and Kinangop
24-Apr-16 Kenya Drive to Tsavo West
25-Apr-16 Kenya Tsavo West and Taita Hills
26-Apr-16 Kenya Tsavo East and Drive to Arabuko Sokoke Forest
27-Apr-16 Kenya Arabuko Sokoke Forest
28-Apr-16 Kenya Arabuko Sokoke Forest
29-Apr-16 Kenya Drive to Nairobi for flight to Uganda
30-Apr-16 Uganda Arrival in Uganda/Mabamba Swamp (with Rob Gordijn, Helen Rijkes and Wouter van Pelt)
1-May-16 Uganda Entebee to Budongo
2-May-16 Uganda Budongo/Royal Mile
3-May-16 Uganda Murchision
4-May-16 Uganda Drive to Kibale
5-May-16 Uganda Kibale
6-May-16 Uganda Drive to Bwindi
7-May-16 Tanzania Bhuhoma
8-May-16 Tanzania Ruhija
9-May-16 Tanzania Drive to Entebbe for flight to Nairobi
10-May-16 Tanzania Drive to Arusha (with Stratton Hatfield)
11-May-16 Tanzania Arusha to Eastern Usambarus
12-May-16 Tanzania Usambarus
13-May-16 Tanzania Usambarus
14-May-16 Tanzania kilombero
15-May-16 Tanzania kilombero
16-May-16 Tanzania Drive to Arusha for flight to Nairobi/Lilongwe
17-May-16 Madagascar Flight to Antanarivo
18-May-16 Madagascar Perinet
19-May-16 Madagascar Perinet
20-May-16 Madagascar ?
21-May-16 Madagascar ?
22-May-16 Malawi Arrival in Lilongwe/Drive to Dzalanyama
23-May-16 Malawi Dzalanyama (with Rogier Karskens)
24-May-16 Malawi Drive to Liwonde
25-May-16 Malawi Liwonde National Park
26-May-16 Malawi Drive to Zomba
27-May-16 Malawi Zomba Plateau
28-May-16 Malawi Zomba to Blantyre for flight to Joburg
29-May-16 South Africa Nielsvlei and Polokwane (with Ethan Kistler and Camilla Dreef)
30-May-16 South Africa Polokwane, Magoeboskloof and Hoedspruit
31-May-16 South Africa Hoedspruit, Satara, and Skukuza
1-Jun-16 South Africa Skukuza and Wakkerstroom
2-Jun-16 South Africa Wakkerstroom
3-Jun-16 South Africa Wakkerstroom and Mkhuze
4-Jun-16 South Africa Mkhuze and drive in the evening to St Lucia
5-Jun-16 South Africa St Lucia and drive in the evening to Dlinza
6-Jun-16 South Africa Dlinza and Drive to Creighton
7-Jun-16 South Africa Sani Pass
8-Jun-16 South Africa Creighton
9-Jun-16 South Africa Creighton,Durban and flight to Cape Town
10-Jun-16 South Africa Cape Town Specials and drive to Tankwa Karoo
11-Jun-16 South Africa Tankwa Karoo
12-Jun-16 South Africa Tankwa Karoo, Gyto Pass, Bainskloof Pass and Cape Town
13-Jun-16 South Africa Pelagic Trip
14-Jun-16 South Africa West Coast NP
15-Jun-16 South Africa Cape Town Specials and Agulhas/De Hoop Loop
16-Jun-16 South Africa Cape Town and Flight to Ghana
17-Jun-16 Ghana  SHAI HILLS TO WINNEBA PLAINS AND CAPE (with Kalu Afasi)
25-Jun-16 Ghana  Mole
28-Jun-16 Ghana  ATEWA FOREST
29-Jun-16 Ghana  Flight – Casablanca – Netherlands
Arjan Dwarshuis
Arjan Dwarshuis