Building the perfect itinerary for Thailand

Currently I’m busy planning the Oriental part of my 2016 Biggest Year. I’ve got India more-or-less covered with a detailed 28 day itinerary consisting of birding sites in Maharashtra, Gujarat (Kutch and Gir NP), Rajasthan (Ranthambore NP), Delhi and Assam (Guwahati, Eaglenest and Kaziranga NP).


So now I can start working on the perfect Itinerary for a 14 day hardcore birding trip through Thailand. As Thailand is a very popular birding destination and many Dutch birders have visited this ornithological hotspot I’m asking your opinion on the matter!


Bear in mind that I want to use public transportation – which means accessible birding sites  – campsites and cheep hostels as much as possible! Secondly there will be some species overlap with northeastern India and Sumatra so I want to spend most time in areas with a set of species restricted to the Myanmar/Thailand/Vietnam/Laos region. Thirdly my birding-tempo has to be very high so of-route expeditions for difficult localized species – like Lime-stone Wren-Babbler – are probably not an option.


Your help is much appreciated!

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Happy Birding!

Arjan Dwarshuis
Arjan Dwarshuis