Foggy Flamingoes

Last night when I was bartending in Café Wester I told my boss Daniel Franssen that I was gonna look for some European Flamingoes (Europese flamingo)the next day. He laughed and said:


‘You mean those pretty French girls sitting at the table over there?’


‘No I mean 5 actual wild Flamingoes, and the best thing is, they’re just  a 15 minute drive away from here!’


‘You are fucking with me…’


At that very moment Daan decided to take his first baby-steps into birdwatching – the feathered type that is 😉 – and told me to pick him up the next day at the crack of noon!


wester birding

Daniel Franssen, ‘birdwatching’


So this ‘morning’ around 11:30 AM we had a cup of coffee at Wester, checked to see if those pink candy-canes were still there – they were –  and then drove to Kinselmeer (just east of the village of Durgerdam).

We left with the clearest blue sky in days, but as soon as we came out of the Piet Heintunnel, we drove into a thick fogbank, not the best conditions to look for a bunch of Flamingoes on a lake 500 meters away….


Upon arrival we found a lone birdwatcher patrolling the misty dike. This birder turned out to be Ruud Brouwer who had been frustratingly staring into thick fog for the last half an hour or so…  Bad news for Daan’s premature career in birdwatching.


But luck was with us today! A sudden gust of wind cleared the fog just enough to reveal 5 gorgeous Flamingoes standing in the shallow water a mere 100 meters away from us!



Finally… Flamingoes!


Daan couldn’t believe his eyes – till this very moment he thought I was fucking with him – and jumped around on the dike like a little kid!

I guess beers will be on the house tonight 😉



Phonescoping the Flamingoes



Daniel and Ruud, looking at the Flamingoes


This is what the birding experience is all about!


Happy birding!

Arjan Dwarshuis
Arjan Dwarshuis