Epic China

Tomorrow I embark on a 3 week birding trip to China with Garry Bakker, Bas van de Meulengraaf, Lucas Kaaij, Reinoud Vermolen, Will van den Hoven and our guide Menxiu Tong!


Our itinerary will be as follow: We start in Beijing from where we’ll make a giant loop of roughly 6000 km inland to Fuzhou and from Fuzhou up again along the coast via Shanghai all the way back to Beijing.


We will look for some of the most wanted birds on our planet: 6 species of Crane including the gigantic Siberian & Red-crowned, the critically endangered Spoon-billed Sandpiper, Bear’s Pochard and Scaly-sided Merganser, the endangered Saunder’s- & Relict Gull, some of the most spectacular Pheasants on the planet, including Brown-eared-, Reeve’s-, Elliot’s Pheasant and Cabott’s Tragopan and the mythical Swinhoe’s Rail. For some of you these are just names but trust me these birds will blow your mind!


The whole trip can be followed on my blog; including fantastic photo’s by Garry Bakker so you can all see what I mean with jaw-dropping-good birds  😉


Good birding!

Arjan Dwarshuis
Arjan Dwarshuis