A solid day of brding

Last Tuesday Max van Waasdijk and I took the day of for a solid day’s birding. As we will go on a 5 day birding trip to Sweden on  the 2nd of April, we had some stuff to talk about!


We decided to go anticlockwise around the Ijsselmeer, checking every large group of duck we encountered along the way. At 7:30 AM we started at the Pampushaven where I failed miserably. In the harsh morning light I thought I’d found a 1st winter male Lesser Scaup (Kleine topper) among a group of Tufted Duck (Kuifeend). I guess wishful thinking took the better of me and I put the news out that we’d found a possible Lesser Scaup. However when the light became better and after some counseling from fellow Birding Basterds  we could only conclude that it was in fact a Greater Scaup (Topper). Lesson learned, better luck next time…



Large rafts of Greater Scaup and Tufted Duck on the Ijsselmeer, by Max van Waasdijk



Greater White-fronted Geese, by Max van Waasdijk


We put all the above behind us and continued as if nothing had ever happened. The weather was fantastic, so this was not a punishment at all! At the ‘Jan van de Bos pad’ we found a Little Stint (Kleine strandloper) among a group of Dunlins (Bonte strandloper) and near Stavoren we notched up our first singing Bluethroat (Blauwborst) for 2015.

Best however were flocks of thousands of Greater Scaup at Korwerderzand, Breezanddijk and Oude Zeug near the village of Den Oever . At the latter location we enjoyed the best mixed flock of diving ducks I’ve ever seen. Fantastic  wind still conditions and the last 30 minutes of sunshine added to the experience. Here are some photos I took with my new Samsung Galaxy S5… enjoy


scaup 3

scaup 6

scaup 5

scaup 4

scaup 1


Happy Birding!

Arjan Dwarshuis
Arjan Dwarshuis